Alpacas are New World camelids & look like small llamas or long-necked camels with no humps, especially when recently sheared. They have shaggy necks & camel-like faces with thick lips, pronounced noses & long ears.

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We believe that shared knowledge, a vigorous commitment to continuous improvement, progressive attitudes and financial discipline, are critical ingredients for the future success of the industry.

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With the world experiencing an increasing trend of casualisation, The Woolmark Company has worked closely with wool manufactures to develop new processes which can provide casual effects for wool.

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Wayne and Josephine Marshall are the owners and a director of Micron Man Pvt Ltd. Wayne was lucky to work with for farmers in the area who encouraged him to consider measuring the wool for local woolgrowers. Wool is a one which is having limited supply and exceptional characteristics have made wool world's premier textile fibre. Since it is started in 1988 we basically provided a fibre measurement service only to the woolgrower.

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